Distraction isn’t all bad.

Posted on: October 23, 2011

It is not to hard to get distracted with other sites and pages instead of working on your own. I like to see what other Bloggers are posting on their web sites so I can experience others thoughts and ideas. It is almost always the best activity when I am trying to freshen up my own ideas and interest to write about. If you are a mother or you have children you will be able to relate to this. I understand that it can be hard to write out an article with people all other your house. Kids running around and a loud television. I find myself slipping on headphones without music just to muffle a few of the outside distractions. I feel that it helps me to focus better when I am trying to finish things up and read things that are more difficult to understand. I also listen to music occasionally but I don’t listen to music that has lots of vocals because it can sway my thoughts on what the song is about. and in doing that shade its self into my writing and blogging. If I feel that I am not getting anything done at all; I will walk away from my computer and do a little yoga. Meditation is another method of calming your thoughts and making your intentions clear. With things in your mind clear you understand that this is a great time to brain storm and think of more ideas. That goal that you have made for yourself could be closer than you think. A short break might be all that you need to feel like your better self again. I like to talk to friends and other writers too. This is just the best! I get advice and a little support from others who say that this isn’t their first rodeo and to just wait til you see how many views I am going to rake in this week. I will be there soon, I just need a little more time to learn. Don’t hesitate to email me or comment tips. I do encourage kind constructive criticism but please don’t rip me to pieces.


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