Don’t Stay Home!

Posted on: November 1, 2011

Do not stay home all year long. I feel that it is better to go away for a little while and relax because when you are home away from home it’s a nice feeling. I am talking about a vacation! Take your family and your pets should go with you. Bonding time with your wife and getting to know your kids better come hand in hand as you go though with your vacations. There are families that go on a vacation to a certain place once every year or so and it becomes a small tradition. Later on in life you can go through your pictures and remember what you had done with your loved ones and how happy you all were on  that vacation. Going into something like this should always start with positive thinking and maybe checking the weather ahead of time too. Don’t leave your house with out double checking what you packed and emergency supplies. Bringing things like cameras can even come in handy if you get in a fender bender and need to document the claim later for insurance. I always think of going to the beach and laying out with music in my ears. It’s just wonderful to watch the kids running around in the sand and dipping their toes in the water. Great time of year for me; my favorite, summer. You might not like the heat like me so rather go on a ski trip. Chilling with your family is just as great!


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