Furry_Creative Writing

Posted on: November 11, 2011

Walking softly into an open space with in a small room across the hall with nothing but “zen” on my mind. You know, that thing that you are going to meditate on? As I am thinking about that “zen I have within my mind,” I sit down. “Meditation is in order!”, I holler in my brain.  Probably not the best way to start but this is my time and I will spend it how I please. =D

Taking a deep breath, I yawn. As I am yawning I realize that there is no water near me. So, I don’t understand what it is but when I mediate there must be a bottle of water sitting out or I do not feel complete. Sounds silly but I am sure that it is better to have it around than to not have it.

Sitting with my legs crossed in a comfortable position I begin to quite my mind. I hear things going on in the house. Thinking about things I need to get done. Getting up from my yoga mat I wonder what I could sit on to make it more enjoyable for me. Nothing comes to mind.

I make my way into the room where I have cold water bottles, I take another look around. I see it! Oh thank goodness! I knew I would find something the intention was there. It was a soft dark black blanket with a furry side and a smooth side. Which is perfect. I fold it a few times and throw it over my arm while simultaneously taking a cold water bottle from the fridge. Once I get back to where I want to set up shop and mediate I begin to straighten up the room. I dust and wipe the windows. I smile and walk around the room filling it with positive energy and gearing up to sit for an extended amount of time.

Since mediation is a personal activity that I enjoy alone with myself; I suppose that there isn’t any need to go into the steps about how to complete a mediation practice. There are a few types of practices of mediation and everyone does it a little bit different. Peace, Love and Light !


5 Responses to "Furry_Creative Writing"

Anyone have tips for this writing? =D

I took creative writing when I was in college because I was an English major and then I switched to graphic design. I think you write really well! xoxoxoo

Hi dear Victoria :-D:-)Loved this post! Hope you found your suggestions to write :-DYou have a pretty blog! i have a blog too :-)Please have a look and tell me what you think! Please, follow me with google friend connect! i'll return the favour :-DFollow me!

love the layout of your blog!X

Thank you sooo much !

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