Hula Hooper Hoop with Kids

Posted on: December 9, 2011

That is what I said! I love to hula hoop, it takes my mind off of whatever maybe bothering me or clouding my energy. I find that it can be a great workout and that I have slimmed down and toned up me legs and arms. I like to combined yoga and hooping since I enjoy both it adds a bit more difficulty. My tummy is small and more tone now because of it. People of all ages hoop and it’s so much fun to teach little ones tricks. Since they come in all sizes and colors there will be no problem in finding the right hoop for you. If you plan on learning more advanced tricks or maybe even going to a social hooping gathering look no further than..well, the internet. There are so many fun hooping videos on lots of sites. I personally use, that is my preference. I have found mucho amount of high quality hooping videos on there. Where I have learned mucho as well.


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