Posted on: December 27, 2011

The more conscious we become, the more we deepen our relationship to the words we choose to use.

I am sure that this rings true to all of my readers.


18 Responses to "Words"

Hey there Knowingthinker!

So nice of you to visit my blog and subscribe! We clearly love the written word and express ourselves in different ways. Is there an “About” somewhere to read a bit more about YOU? Where did the year go? Margie

Totally agree… Yes, you do become a person of fewer words, but then that’s the way I like it.

Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked my post.

Hi Thanks for following my blog I really enjoy your poems they’re pretty awesome

Words are very powerful and I do agree that the clearer and more conscious we become, the more we are aware of the power of what we say and how we say it.

Love the phrase because its true, the more you get to know a person, the more involved you get.
Great idea 🙂

Look at this, you deserve it, and thanks for following my blog, I like very much the way you write.

Simple phrases but very meaningful….. Thanks for following my blog!!! Its a rare honor….

Hey there Knowingthinker!

Just want you to know how much I appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. I really, really enjoy having you a part of my space.

xx, Margie

in my case, the more conscious i become, the more mistakes i make with my words..

That was deep! You know, I don’t often have to stop and think much about what I’m reading, but in your case, it’s different. Very worthwhile knowing you. I’ll be back.

Very worth while knowing you too, thank you very much.

Completely agree! Well put.

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Hello my friend!!
I invite you to tell me what does the word SUCCESS mean to you?

I have an sadistic relationship with words and I just let them spill out of my mouth, but after many years of abuse, I am really trying hard to give them the respect that they deserve! Kidding…. 🙂

Thanks for reading so many of my posts! I am posting a really funny one tomorrow about “How I became a Mass Murderer,” so I hope you’ll stop by for a giggle!

Typo alert! “a” not “an.” I didn’t have my reading glasses on when I wrote it!

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