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There are always reasons behind why people do things. There is no exception to that. I have my reasons and you have your reasons for doing things the way you to them. Something that I don’t like is when people try to get you to do what threy are doing for their reasons when you have your reasons tor for doing things your way. Don’t force thing upon me or anyone else. No point to that. People have their choice to make and you cant make it for them. No matter how much you disagree with what is going on. People have their reasons for what they do. Free will is something we should think of when we think about choices that are being made my independent persons. 

I don’t want to wait for my phone to charge for me to keep using my phone. I wAnt to be close enough to the power source and it just stay charge through the power that’s in the air all WiFi like. I am sure that other people have though of this. I’m not the only one, I will not be the only one. Lol, now you are thinking about it. There is no such thing as an original idea I know but when you think about it it’s a great idea. Have you heard of the charging dock that you can sit your phone on and it charges wireless? If not you should take a break from reading and search that wireless charging device. I wAnt one so I can stop tearing up charger’s wires. Poor phone …speaking of needs to be charged lol thanks !!!

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