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Did you think that there was something wrong with yourself as a person? Are you who you want to be? There is not one reason that you should be unhappy with yourself because you are one of a kind. Let your light shine and think about all the things in your life that you are happy with. Those things that you are happy with are the things the reflect who you are and who you will eventually be. Since we are always changing it means that you are constantly getting to know yourself. In this life, it’s all about you. Don’t let someone else take that free will away from you. Feel free to express yourself and like what you want. Don’t hold back too much or your life will just pass you by.

There once sat a little girl with a cheap red balloon given to her by a street vender.
She always sat high upon the ledge of a very tall brick apartment building.
Since her dark red balloon wasn’t tied at the opening, she would blow it up and let it deflate over and over again.
Which amused her to no end.
High up on an apartment building, sitting on a windowsill, puffing on the dark red balloon.
Do you think that she is afraid of heights?
Is it because you are afraid of heights?
The wind blows her curly red rendered hair and cools her face.
Happy little girl sitting on a high up ledge on a tall tall building puffing on the dark red balloon.
She isn’t afraid because it’s her home.
She sits in her place all the time, minding her own.
The other people passing by don’t talk to her.
Others wonder who she belongs to.
She watches them walking by her ignoring the questioning glances.
She looks down upon them up on her ledge with legs dangling from the tallest window.
As if to judge them on looks alone.
She isn’t afraid because this is her home.
She isn’t afraid because this is her home.
Where all the people leave her alone.

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